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Looking for a good headphone for your child? Do remember while you can compromise on a few things when it comes to buying a headphone for yourself; you wouldn’t want to do the same when it comes to your child.

Sure, a good many things matter from the build of the headphone to how great it looks, but there is one thing that you really shouldn’t miss out on if you’re buying a headphone for your child – the noise cancellation feature.

When you are investing in headphones for kids like a noise cancelling headphones for kids as it reviews almost 10 products that work, and it makes sense to go for the noise cancellation feature. Not only it provides a better sound experience, but also your child also stays safe and healthy.

Are you wondering how?

There are many other advantages of sound canceling headphones. But before we dive more profound let’s see what exactly noise cancellation is.

Stereo Kids Mobile Phone Headset

What is Noise Cancellation for a Wireless Headphone?

Noise cancellation is a technical feature in headphones that cut out the surrounding noise and sound. The headphones come with a mic which analyzes the ambient sound around the user. It then produces a different sound energy which blocks all the unwanted noise so that you can enjoy your music without any disturbances.

You only get to hear the sound of the headphone and nothing else. While that coops b a distraction to you who need to know the surrounding noise around you, it isn’t the case with your child.

Now let’s see why it is a must in your kid’s headphones!

How do Noise Pose Risks to Your Child?

Here is a look at few of the reason you wouldn’t want your child to listen to a lot of outside noise when they have their headphones on.

1. Can lead to ear damage

Any noise which measures over 85 decibels is enough to lead to permanent hearing damage if someone is exposed to it for a prolonged time. You may be surprised, but heavy traffic noise frequently crosses the 85-decibel mark. Even underground trains can pass the limit of 100 decibels when they maneuver a corner with loud rattling and sound.

2. Can have other health effects

Long-term exposure to noise can also cause serious health effects and increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks. It can also affect concentration levels, sleep quality and your mood.

When we as adults are at such a high risk, imagine the level of threat posed to our kids! That’s why many parents look for the noise cancellation feature when they want to buy a headphone for their children.

3. Can have an impact on their development

Here is the thing when you are talking with your toddler. They hear all of what you’ve to say. And if they have put a headphone, they will also understand anything that you turn on for them. And if there is a lot of outside noise they can get confused. Thus, in a way, it could affect their development process as well – and you wouldn’t want that.

Why should you buy the best noise cancelling headphones for kids for your Child?

Bluetooth Headphones

We talked about the different ways not having a noise cancellation feature on your child’s headphone could affect them adversely. Now, let us take a look at how buying a noise canceling headphone for your child could be one of the best decisions ever.

The main advantage of noise cancellation is that it blocks the surrounding noise and chaos and helps your child-

1. Keep Volume Low

As all the sound is blocked out, your child doesn’t need to turn up the volume of his audio. He can listen to it at low size and have the same level of fun and enjoyment which he feels at high amounts.
Noise canceling headphones can provide a more productive sound experience even at low volumes.

2. Avoid any Hearing Damage

If your kids make a habit of listening to music on high volume, it can harm their hearing for the lifetime. Noise canceling headphones cut out all unnecessary sound and provide high quality even at low volumes.
Your children don’t need to turn the volume high and can keep his ears safe and sound!

3. Concentrate on the Audio

Today kids have to listen to many audio clips or watch videos as a part of the curriculum in school. Buying them a noise canceling headphone will help them concentrate on the matter without any noise to disturb them.

You must have never thought that investing in a specific type of headphone can help your kid do well at school!

4. Sleep Better

Sometimes you have to take the kids to parties or weddings where you find it difficult to make them sleep because of the noise. But if you have a headphone with noise cancellation, you child can peacefully fall asleep to his favorite lullaby.

You are free to have a good time knowing that your child is sleeping soundly in the next room!

5. Reduce Sound Related Stress

Small kids can get upset or stressed when they have to take in too much of loud sound or noise. This frequently happens while traveling as your child starts to cry on a train or when the flight takes off.
Noise pollution can also create adverse effects on children especially those who have ADHD and Autism. Noise canceling headphones can go a long way in keeping them calm and happy.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Kids with Purosounds

Keep your Child Safe with the best noise cancelling headphones for kids.

Being a parent is not natural and you have to adopt many precautions so that your child is always safe and healthy. Buying a noise canceling headphone goes a long way in protecting the hearing ability of your kid and keeps all the stressful and damaging noise outside.

Make sure that the noise cancellation feature of the headphone is reliable and efficient before your kid starts using them. These days the headphones have indeed become affordable so it shouldn’t be such an expensive item to invest in.

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If your child had been asking you to buy him a pair of headphones, there is a wide variety that you can choose from. Among many headphones and many models that you can find on the market, as much as possible, you should choose the one that can help in limiting the volume of the headset to ensure that your child does not suffer any hearing damage. This Kidz Gear Headphone Review will help you to determine this is the right headphone for your child.


Product description

The sound quality that it produces is great, especially the bass. So if your child is a big fan of listening to music, he will surely love this headset.


The ear pads are not too big to cause discomfort in such a short period. It is designed to provide great comfort even after hours of using it. You can adjust the headband length so. It fits all head sizes as well.


The volume limiting cable is a feature that defines the sound below any ear-piercing level for your kid. Therefore, there is no need to worry about anything even if your child decides to turn the volume on too high.

Kidz Gear


Since it has a volume-control dial, turning the volume up or down is more comfortable and convenient.


The headphone is made out of sturdy material, assuring you that it can withstand the chaos of your child while using it. If you take a close-up look at the headset, you will see that it has a very clean edge and secure connection. Since the plastic is flexible and the parts are tightly screwed into each other, this is a great investment for it can last for an extended period.


Aside from that, this headphone is relatively cheap. Given its good-quality hearing-aids, its quiet an investment you’ve got here. You can find it on Amazon or just visit their official website to check for the availability of the product.



This headphone doesn’t look a high-end model at all. Instead, it can be easily mistaken for cheap and poor quality headphone if you don’t take a closer look of the headphone given its looks and design. The features and appearance of the headset don’t match. But if your child doesn’t mind wearing a headphone that sounds like this and will focus more on the quality and features that it can offer, rest assured that it will never be a problem.

Bluetooth Headphones


The affordability of the headphone doesn’t determine the quality and features that it can offer. This headphone is one of the best investments for an audio-producing device that can be used for a longer period.


I hope this kidz gear review will help you to choose which among the headphones you should buy for your kid. With so many choices around, it can be easy to be fooled in cheap and poor quality headphones.

Best DJ Headphones
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Essential parts of a pair of headphones

This is the band that connects the two ear cups.  It rests on top of your head when being worn.  It usually will have some padding for comfort and adjust in some way to accommodate different head sizes.
See Also: Earcups

Ear cups

These are the housing units for the speakers, connected by the headband.  There are two types of containers; On-ear and Over-Ear.
See also: Headband: On-ear: Over Ear


The ear pads are a padded material cushion that is attached to ear cups.  When worn these pads rest between your head or ear and the Ear cups.  They can be made from many materials and are sometimes replaceable.
See also: Earcups


Put simply; headphone sensitivity is the measurement of how much sound pressure a driver can make, how loud the headphones are basically, given a certain amount of power. Do note that this will not tell you how loud the headphones are on its own, as you need to take impedance into account too. This can be useful when comparing headphones with the same Impedance, however, in general, the headphones with a high sensitivity rating will be louder.
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When headphones are plugged into a power source, i.e., mixer or iPod, the amount of power drawn from the source depends on how much the mixer or iPod provides and the Impedance of the headphones. As impedance measures electrical resistance, headphones with a lower impedance will draw more power than others will a higher rating. Alongside sensitivity, this can be used to work out a headphones loudness. Impedance tells you how much power is drawn from the source, while Sensitivity tells you how much of that power is converted to sound.

Frequency response

The frequency response of a pair of headphones can be graphed to allow you to see how the headphones perform at different rates.  All drivers have individual biases, meaning that some may have more bass while some may have louder ‘highs.’  When available these graphs can be used to compare models, allowing users to get a good idea of any differences in sound without having to test both pairs manually.
See also: Driver

Frequency response graph comparing two headphones

Frequency range

This is the range of frequencies that the headphones are capable of producing.  Found on every headphone spec sheet, these particular figures can be misleading.  You would be forgiven thinking that the wider the range, the better, however, this is not always the case.  Human ears only hear between 20hz-20,000hz, so anything outside this irrelevant.  For a much better idea of a pair of headphones performance, check its frequency response.
See also: Frequency response

Closed headphones

Closed headphones are always used fo DJ headphones.  They have much better noise reduction, a must for loud DJ Booths.  The sound leakage from these headphones is much less too, allowing for use on buses, planes, and trains, etc.
See also: Noise reduction

Open back headphones

This term is given to headphone’s that have open ear cups, allowing for air to pass through the cups over the speaker and onto the ear.  These give a much truer sound, similar to if you were listening on speakers and are therefore preferred by producers.  Open back headphones can’t be used in full spaces because they do block any of the outside noise.  For this reason, they are an absolute no-no for DJ’s.  They also leak a lot of noise so are not very good in public spaces either.
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best DJ in the world


This is the metal connector at the end of the cable that plugs into your mixer.  Sometimes gold, at times silver (gold is better), there are two main sizes.  Most mixers take a ¼ inch jack, whereas most computer and portable music players take a ⅛ inch jack.  DJ Headphones usually come with ⅛ inch jack and a ¼ inch adaptor.

1/8 inch jack and 1/4 inch adapter

Noise reduction

Noise reduction refers to a headphone’s ability to block out external sounds from the surrounding area.  For DJ’s this is especially important for one ear monitoring and big club situations.


The driver is the device that makes the sound.


This is the term given to ears cups that sit on the ear.


This is the name given to ear cups that fully cover the ear.  This can give the headphones better noise reduction while the size of the ear cups allow for bigger drivers.
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Audio Technica
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Audio Technica is primarily a producer of professional audio products. However, their recent foray into the world of consumer electronics has produced a number of top-notch products. This is a testament to the company’s experience in professional audio equipment. These days, the average consumer can now afford a pair of Audio Technica headphones. The ATH-ANC7 Audio Technica Headphones is one of the company’s latest products, combining the company’s extensive experience in producing top quality audio products with an affordable price tag.

The ATH-ANC7 is the perfect headphone for people who travel frequently. It comes in a very compact package, but still delivers Audio Technica’s brand of excellence. It was also designed to be Audio Technicavery comfortable, ideal for hours of use during long bus rides and airplane flights. It also comes with a noise cancellation feature, making it ideal for use in noisy environments like bus stations and airports. The best thing about the ATH-ANC7 Audio Technica Headphones is that they are retailed at $120, making them very affordable. The ATH-ANC7 also comes with a long 63-inch cable for ease of use with different media players and devices.

Although not the smallest pair of headphones in the Audio Technica family, the ATH-ANC7 is still relatively compact with earpieces that are around 3.7 inches in diameter. They also come bundled with a handy hard-shell case to protect them during long trips. The ATH-ANC7 was clearly designed with the frequent flyer in mind, since they come with an airplane adaptor. It is interesting to note, however, that while Audio Technica engineers claim that this is a closed back headphone design, some sound will leak from a small passage through the speaker on the rear of each earpiece. This might allow some of the sound to escape from the headphones and it might annoy people sitting next to you during long flights.

The ATH-ANC7 Audio Technica Headphones can be classified as an around-the-ear headphone set. This has the added advantage of larger ear cups, which adds to the comfort factor when using these headphones. The ear cups are also lined with a soft padding material to make them more comfortable. The headband itself is also padded further, adding to user comfort.

The ATH-ANC7 Audio Technica Headphones come with a very handy active noise cancellation feature that helps block outside noise by using a microphone to pick up external noise and a built-in speaker system that cancels out unwanted sounds. To use this feature, you will need to power the system with one AAA battery that fits into the left earpiece. However, you can still use the ATH-ANC7 without the noise cancellation feature. In fact, you can switch it on and off with a built-in switch.

In terms of audio quality, the ATH-ANC7 Audio Technica Headphones is very capable. The ATH-ANC7 boasts superior mid-range definition as well as above average bass. However, high-end frequencies could sound a lot better. These headphones work really well with rock music as well as acoustic and classical music, but hip-hop and industrial metal tracks could sound better. The bass works great for many electronic tracks and also sounds good with a lot of pop music tracks. All in all, the ATH-ANC7 is a great performer, especially when you consider its price.