Audio Technica
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Audio Technica is primarily a producer of professional audio products. However, their recent foray into the world of consumer electronics has produced a number of top-notch products. This is a testament to the company’s experience in professional audio equipment. These days, the average consumer can now afford a pair of Audio Technica headphones. The ATH-ANC7 Audio Technica Headphones is one of the company’s latest products, combining the company’s extensive experience in producing top quality audio products with an affordable price tag.

The ATH-ANC7 is the perfect headphone for people who travel frequently. It comes in a very compact package, but still delivers Audio Technica’s brand of excellence. It was also designed to be Audio Technicavery comfortable, ideal for hours of use during long bus rides and airplane flights. It also comes with a noise cancellation feature, making it ideal for use in noisy environments like bus stations and airports. The best thing about the ATH-ANC7 Audio Technica Headphones is that they are retailed at $120, making them very affordable. The ATH-ANC7 also comes with a long 63-inch cable for ease of use with different media players and devices.

Although not the smallest pair of headphones in the Audio Technica family, the ATH-ANC7 is still relatively compact with earpieces that are around 3.7 inches in diameter. They also come bundled with a handy hard-shell case to protect them during long trips. The ATH-ANC7 was clearly designed with the frequent flyer in mind, since they come with an airplane adaptor. It is interesting to note, however, that while Audio Technica engineers claim that this is a closed back headphone design, some sound will leak from a small passage through the speaker on the rear of each earpiece. This might allow some of the sound to escape from the headphones and it might annoy people sitting next to you during long flights.

The ATH-ANC7 Audio Technica Headphones can be classified as an around-the-ear headphone set. This has the added advantage of larger ear cups, which adds to the comfort factor when using these headphones. The ear cups are also lined with a soft padding material to make them more comfortable. The headband itself is also padded further, adding to user comfort.

The ATH-ANC7 Audio Technica Headphones come with a very handy active noise cancellation feature that helps block outside noise by using a microphone to pick up external noise and a built-in speaker system that cancels out unwanted sounds. To use this feature, you will need to power the system with one AAA battery that fits into the left earpiece. However, you can still use the ATH-ANC7 without the noise cancellation feature. In fact, you can switch it on and off with a built-in switch.

In terms of audio quality, the ATH-ANC7 Audio Technica Headphones is very capable. The ATH-ANC7 boasts superior mid-range definition as well as above average bass. However, high-end frequencies could sound a lot better. These headphones work really well with rock music as well as acoustic and classical music, but hip-hop and industrial metal tracks could sound better. The bass works great for many electronic tracks and also sounds good with a lot of pop music tracks. All in all, the ATH-ANC7 is a great performer, especially when you consider its price.

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The noise canceling feature of some cordless headphones is one of the reasons why wireless headphones are a cut above the rest.  While not of all are cordless noise-cancelling headphones in nature, some of them have features that minimize external noise, giving you the utmost clarity in your audio experience. So you may ask how does this feature work?  Types of headphones that have noise canceling as a feature are best for those people who want to immerse themselves in the sound of their favorite music or movies, without any interference of the outside noises.  Individuals who live and interact in a place where noise and uproar are everyday situations need to unwind themselves with music to get away with the stress.

Cordless Noise Cancelling Headphones

So if you frequent traveling in airplanes whether for long international flights or short domestic ones, cordless noise canceling headphones are the best solutions to cure some of your audio blues.  Some people attested that listening to headphones can lessen the risk of jetlag. Wireless noise canceling headphones are also widely preferred by those people who want a safe audio and music streaming.  The below are some of the safety precautions that you should take under careful consideration if you plan to buy headphones in general:

  1. Do not crank up the volume of your iPod (or any other audio device) suddenly into a full amount.  It is not advisable to turn the amount up to a full notch because it could destroy your eardrum.  If you are always in a noisy zone, then you have to purchase a noise canceling headphone rather than an ordinary one.  You are assured to reduce at least 75% of the outside noise this way, leaving you no option to turn the volume up just to drown all the loud noises around you.
  2. Too much is too much.  National Institute of Health affirms that prolonged exposure to sounds over 85 decibels can cause hearing loss.  At least give your ears their due rest from time to time.  Sudden or instantaneous damage in hearing is sometimes due to exposures rather than injuries or old age.
  3. While it is true that music has this magical catalyzing effect on most people – enabling them to work harder as if inspired – do not be overly dependent on this kind of routine.  Aside from the fact that you may run the risk of overexposure, you may increase the volume level day by day because of the inevitable gradual loss of hearing.
  4. Remember that headphones are not dangerous, your habit of using them is.  Avoid purchasing cheap headphones that are not certified to deliver you safety audio experience.  It is not recommended to compromise a good audio sound quality from well-established headphone manufacturers for a measly, low-quality one.  Awareness serves to be a real consideration for this issue, and you have to be aware of choosing the right and the most appropriate headphones because your ears and your hearing functionality are at stake.  Do not settle for anything less.

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Bose QuietComfort2
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Bose QuietComfort2 is a remarkable evolvement from the first generation QuietComfort. The noise-canceling effect is superb, and the headphones could be used purely as a noise-canceling device, if you so wish for any reason, by simply detaching the headphone cord.

Instead of using it at home and listening to your music at a high volume, Bose QuietComfort2 is best used when traveling long distances in planes, trains, buses.

Sound quality is gorgeous and roomy, especially bass and little notes. The mid-to-high notes of vocals and instrument colors are bright. But we felt the highs lack somewhat the kind of delicacy we prefer.

We don’t know if it’s due to the noise-canceling effect, but we sensed some distortion when increasing the volume, but that might not be noticed by many users.

As far as sound quality is strictly concerned, QC2 does lack behind headphones (without noise-canceling effect) of the same price range. But such a comparison would be unjust since noise-canceling headphones and standard headphones are two distinct categories with a different focus.

QC2 is lightweight and its design simple with 90° rotatable ear cups. The fit is good and comfortable, the pressure at the right level.

However, you need to switch the power on, which activates the noise-canceling effect, every time you use it to listen to music. You hear nothing if you don’t. So you need to ensure you have a good supply of batteries if you plan to use QC2 frequently even at home, indoors and quiet environment as well.

QuietComfort 2 QC2 Acoustic Sound Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sound Check

We played the Kurt Weill’s The Seven Deadly Sins & Berlin Theatre Songs to check the vocals produced by QC2. We were not disappointed. The vocals were just superb.

The sound clarity was impressive, the positioning of the orchestra, choir, lead vocals relative to each other could be heard clearly.

Next was Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov). From powerful wind instruments to rich sounds of the strings, the overall well-balanced sounds of the orchestra were superbly produced giving us a delightful listening experience.

In Tricycle (Film & Bb’s) of Jazz Fusion category, the dynamic bass, little notes, and spatial clarity were impressive.

Overall, Bose QuietComfort2 gives you sounds that are clean, compact and a pleasure to listen.


Specification Our Ratings (max. 5)
Type Closed, Around-ear Sound Quality 4 Rock 4.5
Technology Bose acoustic noise-cancelling Design 3.5 Pops 4.5
Driver unit Ø35mm Fit & Wear 4 Jazz 4.5
Sensitivity 100dB/mW(Lo), 115dB/mW(Hi) Sound Leakage 5 Classical 4
Impedence 72Ω(Lo), 910Ω(Hi) Portability 4 R&B 4
Jack 3.5mm stereo mini-jack
Cord length 178cm (detachable)
Powered by 1xAAA battery
Battery life approx. 38 hours
Weight 196g (with cord & battery)


Bose QuietComfort15
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Bose QuietComfort15 has the highest level of noise-canceling effect currently available in the consumer headphones market. It also produces distinct sounds that give you a delightful and relaxing listening experience in a “quiet surrounding.”

Bose introduced the QuietComfort(1) in 2001, followed by the successor QuietComfort2 in 2003 and its improved version in 2005. QuietComfort3 was subsequently added in 2006.

Launched in Fall 2009 as the successor of QuietComfort2, Bose QuietComfort15 is the “quietest” noise-canceling headphones produced by Bose so far, raising the standard and benchmark for consumer noise-canceling headphones market yet again.

Compared to its predecessor, Bose QuietComfort15 is so much more enhanced that Bose decided it would be the injustice to simply name it “QC4”, after QC2 and QC3. Instead, it boldly allowed this “new kid” to take an enormous giant leap to “QC15”.

QC2 (left) and QC15 (right).
Hardly any difference in appearance and design at first glance.

As far as appearance is concerned, only a few differences are visible:

  • LED indicator is changed from red (QC2) to green (QC15).
  • Model number marking appears on the housing of QC15.
  • Three tiny holes on the housing to pick up external noise.

The ear cups are even softer than before, making QC15 comfortable to wear.

The exceptionally enhanced noise-canceling effect is mainly due to the double noise pick-up mikes built into the housing and within the ear cups.

This allows QC15 to pick up both external and internal sounds and process these signals to achieve the noise-canceling effect. The change in cushion materials used for the ear cups further reduce noises entering into the ear cups.

QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Comparison of Noise-Cancelling Effect

In the current fiercely competitive field of noise-canceling headphones offered by different companies, even the already high-level noise-canceling QuietComfort2 has found the gap between itself and models from other pursuing companies gradually shrinking.

However, Bose QuietComfort15 propelled itself much further from the chasing field, blowing away any doubts about its qualification as QC2’s rightful successor.

The powerful noise-canceling feature of QC15 can be experienced the moment you wear it. It is superior even when compared to QC2, achieving high-level noise reduction over an even wider frequency range.

When using QC15 in the subway and trains, the engine and air-conditioner noises are effectively shut out allowing you to concentrate on your music or audio language lesson.When used at home, QC15 could give you a blissful and relaxing solitude.

Sound Check

Bose QuietComfort15 comes with built-in “Active Equalization,” its proprietary and foundational technology, that corrects electrical sounding audio, plays back wide frequency range smoothly and draws forth the instruments and vocals with superior clarity.

Also, it utilizes Bose’s proprietary TriPort acoustic technology to produce deep and rich bass.

Compared to QC2, QC15 is richer in harmonics, and the sounds over the entire frequency range are consistently firm. The sound image stands out clearly with excellent treble and vocals, the delicious spread of sounds could be felt even clearer.

In Holst: The Planets, the thin lines of strings and horns are gorgeously well spread. Bass and low notes are clean, compact and full. Overall, the sounds are bright and cheerful throughout.

In We Get Requests (Oscar Peterson Trio), the sound field is superb, solid wood bass elasticity and relaxing spatial clarity sensed.

Over to the rock genre of Meniketti, the crunchy Clippy guitar distortion and chunky feel of bass are well balanced. Vocal huskiness well emphasized and clarity of snares high.



In the category of noise-canceling headphones offered by various companies, the sound quality is often compromised due to the emphasis on the noise-canceling feature.

Bose QuietComfort15, however, raised the standard substantially by showing that a superior balance of noise-canceling effect at the highest level and excellent sound quality can indeed be achieved.


Specification Our Ratings (max. 5)
Type Closed, Around-ear Sound Quality 4.5 Rock 4.5
Technology Bose acoustic noise-cancelling Design 3.5 Pops 4.5
Driver unit Ø35mm Fit & Wear 4.5 Jazz 4.5
Jack 3.5mm stereo mini-jack Sound Leakage 5 Classical 4
Cord length 168cm (detachable) Portability 4 R&B 4
Powered by 1xAAA battery
Battery life approx. 35 hours
Weight 196g (with cord & battery)