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Bose In-Ear headphones deliver bass and small range that are comparable to headphones that are many times its size.

These second-generation In-Ear headphones feature a significantly improved design that seats much more firmly in the ears compared to its predecessor.

Sound quality is also improved while maintaining Bose TriPort technology’s unique character of delivering dynamic and vibrant bass and small range.

Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphone

Sound Check

With its powerful special delivery of the full range of lows, Bose In-Ear headphones (IE2) will satisfy the needs of fans of music where lows are aplenty.

The mids tend to get suppressed by the lows but are still apparently delivered with high quality. The highs are somewhat metallic but not at a signal level that gives cause to discomfort.

Even though the overall balance of sounds is well delivered, in sound sources with minimal small range, there seems to be an overall cloudy image where the mid to high ranges felt suppressed.

Vocals are well delivered with excellent clarity but again, tend to get deleted if the lows abound in the sound source.

String instruments are well provided with high quality. Drums and percussive sounds are great but lack the kind of tight, compact feel that we prefer.

For its category, the headphones do pack a punch, delivering sounds at a very high quality.

Bose In-Ear Headphones

Fit & Wear

Earpieces are made of silicon. The fit is excellent, comfortable and light. No problems in wearing for long hours.

Ergonomically designed ear pads are soft giving minimum pressure on the ears while keeping the headphones firmly in position. Being lightweight as well, you won’t get tired wearing Bose On-Ear headphones even at length.


External sound blockage and sound leakage prevention are not good compared to in-ear headphones of other makes, but the design is excellent.


Specification Our Ratings (max. 5)
Type In-ear Sound Quality 4 Rock 4
Driver unit Ø16mm Design 4 Pops 4
Cord length 1.26m Fit & Wear 4.5 Jazz 3.5
Jack 3.5mm stereo mini-jack Sound Leakage 2.5 Classical 4
Weight about 20g Portability 5 R&B 3.5

Bose In-Ear Headphones product information

Bose Around-Ear Headphones
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At only 142g, Bose Around-Ear Headphones (aka Bose TriPort headphones) feature Bose proprietary TriPort acoustic headphone structure technology that, according to Bose, “allow the drivers to create deep lows while keeping the headphones small and lightweight, resulting in comfortable headphones that deliver full, balanced low notes of your music.”

Sound Check

Sound Quality is inclined towards the little notes, offering the full range of lows rather than depth.

Bose® SoundLinkThe mids tend to be somewhat suppressed by the lows but not to the extent of any grave concern. While the highs are not as dynamic as the lows, the delivery is relatively balanced and compact.

In the Jazz sounds of Bill Evans and Cannonball Adderley, the drum brushes, saxophone breathing, the softness of sounds were delivered clean and bright.

Bose Around-Ear headphones tend to produce sounds that might not be exactly loyal to the sound source at times.

Although the overall sound delivery is relatively balanced, depending on the sound source, the lows might be delivered too loud and could make the listening experience tiring.

In the sounds of Eminem and Nelly where the lows are essential, and much emphasized, the lows are delivered very robustly and compelling.

Likewise for the rock sounds of Queen and Green Day, the bass drums and bass came out very strong and powerful.

For those who just love robust and powerful lows, you will be satisfied.

Clarity and brightness of sounds are excellent, and the strong lows provide the overall warmth. Delivery of vocal seductiveness is relatively good, though not at a particularly outstanding level that we prefer.

String instruments sound smooth and comfortable. Brass instruments are bright but tend to lose out to the lows in sound sources were high lows abound.

Delivery of drums and percussive sounds are excellent, but somehow lack the kind of strong compactness that we prefer.

Other sound source used: Year of the Gentleman (Ne-Yo)

Bose SoundTrue HeadphonesOverall, the headphones possess a high characteristic that is uniquely Bose. The sound quality delivered is of very high standard, nicely performing even the bright, lively and cheerful Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade, which was enjoyable.

Fit & Wear

The design is straightforward with a retro look.

The fit is good with the right pressure such that even though it is lightweight, the headphones won’t shift out of position with head movements. Ear pads are soft and comfortable.


Being a closed-type headphone, the external sound blockage is excellent and sound leakage protection is good.

Cables coming out from both sides of the headphones is something we don’t quite fancy.

Overall we feel Bose Around-Ear Headphones is one of the best headphones around for outdoor use.

Specification Our Ratings (max. 5)
Type Closed, Around-ear Sound Quality 3.5 Rock 4
Driver unit Ø35mm Design 3 Pops 4.5
Impedence 32Ω Fit & Wear 4 Jazz 4
Sensitivity 97dB/mW Sound Leakage 4.5 Classical 3.5
Cord length about 2m Portability 3 R&B 3.5
Jack 3.5mm stereo mini-jack
Weight 142g (with cord)


Purchasing A Camera
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There are many reasons as to why we would choose to buy cameras that have got the best camera lens. Some may decide to buy camera mainly because they want to keep the record of the most memorable times. Others may do this for business purposes. Well, whichever your reasons you should be able to know how to buy a camera that will serve you with high-quality images. This article would focus on some tips of the purchase of a camera that has got best camera lens.

Tip 1: How much does it cost?

What you have in the pocket would determine what you will take back home. The price of the camera that you want to buy should be affordable. There are many cameras out there with different prices depending on the features that they have. Getting a camera with the best camera lens might mean that you will have to fork out a few extra coins. Don’t be scared about the price. After all, the features that you will get are worth the price that you will be paying for. Therefore as you head to the shops to get your camera try and consider a price that would suit you. Moreover, think of other advantages that would accrue as a result of owning the camera.

Canon Camera

Tip 2: what is the primary purpose of buying the camera

As you purchase the camera that you desire it is important to keep in mind the purpose that you intend to derive from the camera. This will help you to relate the features that the camera has with the expectations that you are looking for. For instance, if you want a camera for professional reasons you might be advised to pick one that has got the best camera lens. This will boost the quality of images that will suit your intended purpose.

Tip 3: size

How to buy a cameraThere are many models of cameras that we can choose in the market. They vary in sizes. A mistake that most people do when they buy their cameras is that they go for the biggest sizes forgetting the convenience. Well, a big camera does not necessarily mean that it has got the best features. No! Some models are small and have the best camera lens. The small models also offer convenience that we learn more so when we go for vacations. Why is this? They are easy to carry around, very light and most importantly have got all the features that we want.

Tip 4: Megapixels

This is the most important part that most people look at in a camera. The higher the number of megapixels would mean that the camera is worth buying. Most cameras that have got the best camera lens also have higher megapixels. This would be of great benefit to a person who wants to print high-quality images in huge posters. Hence before taking your camera back home, it is worthwhile to ask about the number megapixels that it has. In most cases, this is labeled at the front of the camera where the lenses are positioned.

Tip 5: Other features that come in handy

There are many other features that you can look for in a camera. Some areas described below:


• The burst ability of the camera- a camera that has got the best camera lens would obviously mean that it has the best burst mode that would suit the performance. How many photos can the camera take in one second? This will help you know whether it can help you when taking fast pictures, e.g., action& sports images.

• Cameras that have quality lenses or just the best camera lens normally have got the anti-shake feature. This ensures that your images are stabilized.

• Your camera should be able to protect itself from dust. This is through the use of dust protection feature.

With the tips mentioned above, I am confident that you will buy not only the best camera lens but also a product that will serve you for years to come.

Beginner Photography Tips
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Photographs can last a lifetime. This is the reason why cameras never go out of style; rather they just improve in settings and functions to aid people in capturing moments, emotions, and even history. But despite the growing number of photography enthusiasts, not a lot is eligible to take and produce a photo that can elicit a “Wow! That is magnificent” or “That is incredible” response. And though many beginner photography tutorials are already available teaching different photography techniques, photography types, camera modes and so on, many beginning photographers continue to fail in taking wonderful pictures.

Understand the Concept of Composition

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that a good photograph is well composed. And the composition is about everything that makes up the entire picture. Frame your scene before pressing the shutter of your camera. Check the placement of your subject. While centering the subject is fine on certain occasions, a good photograph would often have the subject off center, which adds more intensity to your photograph. Also, look for shapes, patterns, and lines as they can make the right visual image.

beginner photography

Pay Attention to Exposure

Another beginner photography tip to create a good photograph is to learn how exposure affects your images. Ever noticed why some pictures appear too dark or too washed out? Exposure is the measuring and balancing of light. And a poorly exposed image equates to being forgettable. Take control of your camera by learning and adjusting the shutter, aperture, or film speed.

Capture Viewers’ Emotion

Learning beginner photography is fun because it allows you to capture different emotions of a given subject. However, a good photograph must also stir up the viewer’s emotion. So, whether you are up to take a picture of an elderly couple at a park or a starving child in a remote community, think what feelings you aim to evoke. How do you want your viewers to feel when they see your photographs? How intense is the emotion you want to stir up? Determine the feeling you want to affect rather than just shooting what you think is beautiful for you.

DSLR Beginner

Convey A Story Through the Images

Whether you are using a point and shoot camera or a DSRL, a good photograph always tell a story. Just consider the picture of high-profile individuals on the front cover or inside pages of TIME magazine, Reader’s Digest, or Forbes. An image of the person says “who” the person is and “what” influence or powers/he has for his/her people. Additionally, a photograph of a place inundated by a hurricane tells a story of the calamity that left people at the edge of their lives. Photojournalism gives plenty of this kind and the story that each of the photographs tells sways the viewer’s feelings.

experiment with perspective

Say Something About Life

There are too many things that happen in life, and whether you are only taking beginner photography or already in advanced photography, life is going to become an integral part of your subject. And a good photograph must say something about life and not just the action it creates. Show more than just the subject. An image of a marathon Olympics will surely look good in digital prints; likewise, a good angle lets you tell about life challenges and winning it. Additionally, a good image of sunrise can show a new beginning or something more defined meaning for other viewers.
Photography is an art. The ability to capture and create a good photograph entails learning and experimentation. However, when people enroll for beginner photography courses they commonly associate good pictures with an expensive camera. On the contrary, a good photograph is produced with the elements listed above even before the photographer buys a premium camera brand.